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Who is The Green Pact?

The Green Pact is a private company whose shares are held by Green Future Lebanon Holding. It was incorporated in 2010 as a clean development mechanism management entity (CDM-CME), approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Environment and the UNFCCC to develop and manage sustainable development programs of activities under a CDM modus operandi. (please click here for more info)

What are the objectives of The Green Pact?

The main objective is to provide renewable energy and clean technology solutions for those who are in most need of it through a three angle strategy:

a) Create micro-projects in underprivileged local communities and empower them to manage it
b) Transfer clean technologies and know how to local communities
c) Provide subsidized financing and reduced cost of material to those who are most in need

How does The Green Pact cover its expenses and profits?

The main revenue stream for The Green Pact is the 10% management fee it collects on executed projects in addition to the revenue from the sale of carbon credits which are paid for by EU countries in exchange for emissions savings as a result of clean tech project implementations.

What are the programmes promoted by The Green Pact?

The Green Pact manages four programs with focus on solar energy, sustainable housing and sustainable agriculture. (Please click here to visit programs page)

What are my benefits with each program?

You can benefit from a subsidized loan to install a solar water heater at no cost to you. How is this possible? We make the monthly payments you make less than whatever the solar water heating is saving you in electricity such that after 3 years the system becomes yours with all the savings cashed in your pocket. (please click here for simulation)

On the other hand if you are Lebanese and own a land in any village in Lebanon, you can apply so that your house is built within a record time at cost and financed through a subsidized housing loan up to 30 years depending on your age. The houses will be built with stone cladding, brick tile roofs, double glazing, central heating, PV power back-up, water treatment and electric appliances fully autonomous with no connection to the grid.

How can I benefit from The Green Pact programmes?

You can apply through our website, any Liban Post office or Cash United point of sale to register your household as a beneficiary. If you are an institution or small business then you can apply online or call The Green Pact directly. (please click here to apply)

Until when can I benefit from The Green Pact programs?

The duration of the CDM programs is 14 years of which 7 years have already passed. The programs will be suspended end of 2025.

Why should I believe The Green Pact claims?

The Green Pact has already installed 6,000 solar systems in households throughout Lebanon and around 3.0 MW of PV installations are underway. Ten houses have already been delivered with another eight being built and delivered end of 2018. The housing program is expected to finance and deliver in total 1,500 houses by end of 2025. (please click here to visit projects)
The Green Pact has been recognized with several national and regional awards for all its programs proving its sustainable development commitment and innovative approach to resolving persistent problems the public sector has neglected. (please click here to view awards)

How can I ensure my savings?

The Green Pact has conducted a lot of quantitative research on households and case studies along with the UNDP and other NGOs to ensure that the programs are of added value. These researches are downloadable through our website. (Please click here to download research)  As for the large scale solar projects, The Green Pact will sell only the energy produced based on actual meter readings hence only charging for the energy produced and sold at a lower cost than that of the existing power utilities. (please click here to use savings calculator)

How can I be involved with The Green Pact initiatives?

There are many ways you can support these initiatives where micro-projects in each village require a small sized team from within the village to manage and execute each activity. You can register your CV as a part time collaborator in our careers section. (please click here to visit careers page)

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