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30th Oct. 2015

Delivery of first NAGEEB house in Tannourine

21st Sep. 2014

First application for NAGEEB house processed

24th Jul. 2014

Incorporation of COWOB Lebanon Sal

29th Oct. 2013

COWOB technology registers its patent and signs an agreement to subcontract the NAGEEB houses with The Green Pact

4th Jul. 2013

Launch of the NAGEEB (National Action for Green Energy Efficient Building) program

21st Apr. 2013

Capital of Green Future Lebanon Holding increased to $4.0 Million and the Saleh family joins as shareholders

14th Jan. 2013

BDL issues circular 313 with a dedicated financing package of $10 Million to support the NASEL program

19th Jul. 2012

The NASEL (National CDM Program for Solar Energy in Lebanon) is officially launched

18th Jul. 2012

The DNA at the Ministry of Environment issued a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for the Solar Water Heating project

15th May 2012

Green Future Lebanon Holding renews the MOU with the UNDP and increases scope to include Green Social housing

10th May. 2012

The Green Pact submits the PoA-DD, the CPA-DD and the specific CPA-DD for registration and get it posted on the UNFCCC official website

3rd May 2012

Green Arms Lebanon Sal wins the bid to supply a large solar water heating system for the Military Academy under the CEDRO-UNDP program

27th Apr. 2012

The Green Pact appoints LRQA as the DOE to validate the CDM project and register it with the EB at the UNFCCC

13th Jan. 2012

The Green Pact signs a service agreement with MGM Carbon Portfolio to assist in securing the submission and registration of the CDM PoA and CPA before the end of 2012

24th Nov. 2011

The Green Pact signs with its affiliate Green Arms Lebanon a supply agreement under which the latter will supply all needed material, engineering services and technical assistance for The National CDM Programme of Solar Energy

30th Jun. 2011

Green Arms Lebanon Sal signs a protocol with Bank Med Sal to provide $2.0 Million in subsidized end user financing

13th Jun. 2011

The NASEL (National CDM Program for Solar Energy in Lebanon) Pilot CPA (CDM Component Program Activity) for 1,000 systems is launched

12th May 2011

Highland Sal signs with The Green Pact Sal a long term supply and install contract for their Beit Misk project

20th Apr. 2011

The Green Pact signs a cost sharing agreement with the UNDP to conduct a quantitative usage and habits research on energy use and perceptions. The agreement also covers the direct supervision of LCEC on quality control of systems installed part of “The National CDM Programme for Solar Energy”

19th Mar. 2011

The Green Pact (TGP) obtains the preliminary approval of the Ministry of Environment in its capacity as local DNA for the development of a CDM project to stimulate the adoption of solar water heating (SWH) systems by households in rural and suburban areas.

14th Feb. 2011

The Green Pact signs an emission reduction purchase agreement (ERPA) with Mercuria MGM to guarantee the off-take of issued CER under “The National CDM Project for Solar Energy” in Lebanon

26th Jan. 2011

The Green Pact submits the CDM-PoA Preliminary Idea Note (PIN) to the local Designated National Authority (DNA) for initial clearance by host country

13th May 2010

The Green Pact Sal is incorporated as a separate CDM company

11th Mar. 2010

Green Future Lebanon Holding Sal is incorporated and all activities and assets previously held by Green future Ltd and its subsidiaries are acquired by the New-Co

19th Nov. 2009

Green Arms Lebanon Sal signs a supply agreement with Linuo- Ritter under which the latter will supply all needed products and components at preferential prices. A similar arrangement is concluded with NBE Biomass boilers in Denmark.

11th Aug. 2009

Green Future Ltd. signs through its newly acquired solar energy company, Green Arms Lebanon Sal, an MOU with the UNDP Energy & Environment office in Beirut to develop a CDM project for subsidizing solar water heating systems

12th Aug. 2008

Rational Financial Holding, lead investor and founder, submits a letter of intent expressing its interest in developing CDM opportunities in Lebanon with the support of the UNDP

8th Apr. 2008

Green Future Ltd. concludes a package of initial research on the energy and water sectors in Lebanon and recommends its board a priority to adopt solar water heating as the most cost effective measure to reduce power consumption in Lebanon

27th Oct. 2005

Green Future Ltd incorporates Green Arms Sarl as a fully owned subsidiary to undertake clean technology projects in Lebanon

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