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Rural agriculture development
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Rural agriculture development


Agriculture Rural Development Initiative

A sustainable agriculture program to support rural areas in standardizing their production and avoid exploitation.

How it Works?

The Agricultural Rural Development Initiative is a natural extension of Green Future’s efforts in decentralization and creation of job opportunities in rural areas. This program will provide cheap financing, technical support and access to market for people with no previous or little experience in cultivation.

While securing off-take through agreements with large surface supermarkets, ARDI participants will be provided with greenhouses equipped with drip irrigation and handed specific types of seeds and plants. At the end of the season their crops will be collected and sold at fair market price

Rural agriculture development advantages

Product advantages

Sustainable agricultural program

Sustainable agricultural program that utilizes high end, resilient and advanced technology for greenhouses with rain harvesting systems and drip irrigation.

Guaranteed production

Guaranteed production of resilient crops that withstand changing climates, off-take at a preset price with advanced planning and controlled quality.

Increased revenue to farmers

Increased revenue to farmers through direct market access, with crops grown through the program sold directly to retail stores.

Rural community development

Rural community development through technical training and employment opportunities with each program micro-managed in villages independently at a local level via residents that are trained and certified free of charge.

Financial advantages

What TGP offers

End to end service

End to end service, with cost inclusive of banking fees, taxes, insurance, delivery and assembly, advanced seeds suitable for local habitat, controlled fertilizers, approved medicinal treatments and local engineering support.

ZERO Capital investment

TGP will invest in your land by providing you all the necessary tools, equipment and material to start a certified farming business in which you will be directly involved and against a monthly subscription feeincomeand no salary certificate for the bank

Easy payment Settlements

Settlement of monthly fees through any OMT, Cash United or Liban Post points of sale throughout Lebanon

Affordable to all

Affordable to all through subsidized agricultural loans with a 5-year repayment period and a minimal monthly participation fees and no hidden fees.

Our services

What we do

  • • End user Financing
  • • Clean Development Mechanism management
  • • Engineering and Technical support
  • • Operation and Administration Management
  • • Quality Assurance
  • • Quality Control
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