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Self sufficient house


National Action for Green Energy Efficient Buildings

  • • A program to promote and build sustainable houses with low environmental impact and independent water and energy sources.
  • • An aesthetic traditional Lebanese house on the outside but packed with advanced technology and comfort on the inside.
  • • A sustainable eco-friendly house designed and built with efficiency in mind reducing its need for energy while optimizing its use of natural resources such as wind, sun and water.
  • • An affordable luxury built on your land with the highest EU norms encompassing superior seismic resistance, fire resistance, water impermeability, thermal insulation, air tightness and sound insulation
How it Works?

TGP provides you with end to end service inclusive of design, engineering, permitting, financing, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of your house project.

TGP provides you with subsidized cost material from EU partner companies to keep the building cost affordable while maintaining quality at high standards.

TGP manages the construction under tight schedules and control to ensure that your house is delivered within 6 months with state of the art patented building technology

Self sufficient house advantages

Product advantages

Energy efficient

Innovative smart houses that are energy efficient in design, construction and operation

long durability and reliability

Built to withstand high seismic risks, fire resistance, thermal insulation and waterproofing, long durability and reliability.

Traditional village look and feel

Preservation of Lebanese heritage through each house designed with a traditional village look and feel while simultaneously incorporating state-of-the-art technology.

End to end service

End to end service, with cost inclusive of planning, construction, banking fees, taxes, insurance, delivery and assembly, engineering and architectural design, permits, project management, testing and commissioning.

Financial advantages

What TGP offers

Delivery in 6 months

All homes are delivered in less than 6 months with state of the art patented building technology

Subsidized financings

Subsidized loan through the Public Housing Corp protocol agreement or the environmental loans when available

After Sales Service

Remote trouble shooting through the integrated building management system and local assistance in case of need for service or maintenance

Rural community development

Rural community development through technical training and employment opportunities with each program micro-managed in villages independently that are trained and certified free of charge

Our services

What we do

  • • End user Financing
  • • Clean Development Mechanism management
  • • Engineering and Technical support
  • • Operation and Administration Management
  • • Quality Assurance
  • • Quality Control
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