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Solar photovoltaic (PV)


National Solar PV Energy Program in Lebanon

  • • NASEL II has been launched with a focus on providing houses and institutions with energy independence through a Photovoltaic (PV) on-grid or off-grid system.
  • • A PV system converts sunlight into an electric current which is converted into usable electricity through an inverter or stored in a battery bank for later use.
  • • Solar PV systems can power small houses with less than 5 amps or used for large utility scale power production in hundreds of megawatts NASEL II provides you with alternative power from a PV system without any capital investment from your side. You just pay for the produced electricity and the system becomes yours within a period of 5 to 10 years.
How it Works?

A photovoltaic (PV) system is composed of three components:

  1. PV panels are responsible for absorbing sunlight to create electric current.
  2. Inverter which converts the direct current produced by the PV panels into commonly used alternating current.
  3. Power Storage battery bank. Lifetime of batteries is rated by cycles (each time it is discharged and charged).

Solar photovoltaic (PV) advantages

Product advantages

Renewable energy

As PV generates electricity from light, PV produces no air pollutionand it doesn’t require liquid or gaseous fuel to be transported or combusted


PV systems require very little maintenance. Having no moving parts makes them practically maintenance-free.

25 years of warranty
  • •Panels: 25 years warranty
  • •Power conditioning unit (Inverter + Charge controller): 1 year warranty
  • •Battery Bank: 1 year warranty or 2 years for VLRA
Premium quality product

High end and resilient off-grid PV systems that use advanced technology, guaranteed for 5 years

Financial advantages

What TGP offers

Reduce your bill

Replace your noisy, polluting and fuel consuming generator with a clean, maintenance free and cheaper source of energy

ZERO Capital investment

TGP will install a PV system on your rooftop at no cost but with a commitment to pay for the produced electricity over 10 years after which the system becomes yours at no extra cost

Easy payment Settlements

Settlement of monthly fees through OMT, Cash United or Liban Post networks all over Lebanon

Easy application procedure

Apply NOW online by registering for username and password or alternatively by filling an application at your municipality or any Cash United or Liban Post office

Our services

What we do

  • • End user Financing
  • • Clean Development Mechanism management
  • • Engineering and Technical support
  • • Operation and Administration Management
  • • Quality Assurance
  • • Quality Control
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