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Water heating


National Solar Heating energy program lebanon

  • • A sustainable development program providing advanced and reliable solar water heating systems to those in most need of it.
  • • Heating water using electricity represents a big portion of your electricity bill. More than 35% of your home electricity bill is for heating water.
  • • More than 86% of houses in Lebanon still use electricity to heat water even though it is the most expensive way to do so.
  • • TGP provides replaces your electric heater with an advanced solar water heating system against a reasonable installation fee and the transfer of savings for 3 years.
How it Works?

Solar water heating systems absorb sunlight through solar panels or vacuum tubes fitted on your roof and transfer its heat to heat water stored in your hot water tank

A backup electric heater or central heating boiler can be connected to the same system for year round hot water during cloudy days which represent less than 10% of the total year

Solar water heating systems are reliable if installed properly and manufactured up to solar keymark standards with a lifetime expectancy beyond 15 years when maintained yearly.

Water heating advantages

Product advantages

Renewable energy

It is a renewable and clean energy source

Little maintenance

These systems are easy to install and require very little maintenance. It is done by local trained and certified technicians and plumbers

Long life

These systems have long life hence gives value for your investment. A solar water heater can work trouble free for up-to 20 years

Premium quality product

Premium quality product with thermosiphon MPP systems or solar active systems with coated tanks customized for water quality in Lebanon

Financial advantages

What TGP offers

Reduce your bill

Decrease of 35% of electricity bill

ZERO capital investment

ZERO capital investment

Easy payment Settlements

Settlement of monthly fees through OMT, Cash United or Liban Post locations across Lebanon

Easy application procedure

You can apply NOW online by registering for username and password or alternatively through any Cash United or Liban Post point of sale

Our services

What we do

  • • End user Financing
  • • Clean Development Mechanism management
  • • Engineering and Technical support
  • • Operation and Administration Management
  • • Quality Assurance
  • • Quality Control
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